The higher professional course in Chemistry leads to a job as experimental laboratory worker. The professional field of chemistry is the key element. It can be roughly divided into three major components: analytical chemistry, research into and synthesis of molecules and compounds and the development of products based on functional molecules or components.

Chemists working in research laboratories in government institutions and large companies are responsible for the practical implementation of a complete or partial research project. They develop and build experimental test setups, conduct and interpret experiments (or arrange for this to be done), draw conclusions and make recommendations. In research laboratories in the SME sector, the approach adopted is often less fundamental and more applied. In this case, the chemists tasks also include directing, organising and coordinating the work.

In other domains, including application or manufacture, the chemist is mainly employed as an experimental laboratory worker. This can be in environmental laboratories or quality control and production laboratories in the organic, biochemical and analytical fields or similar laboratories.