Chemistry (part-time)

The bachelor Chemistry can also be completed part-time. The part-time Chemistry programs are full educations of the University of Applied Science with which you will obtain a bachelor’s degree. The part-time programs are pursued by professionals in relevant working-fields. The students combine studying with their own job  and apply part of the exercises on their own job. The content of the program depends on the type of University of Applied Science.

The part-time bachelor Chemistry is offered by two Universities of Applied Science:

HU University of Applied Science
The student will be graduating at bachelor’s level as chemical analyst; an expert in the field of new analytical methods and techniques. This program focuses on different fields such as analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry and biochemistry. Furthermore, disciplines, such as mathematics, statistics and chemometrics, and skills, such as communication, literature and projectmanagement, are part of the program.

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HAN University of Applied Sciences
This program focuses on the field of analytical chemistry and includes topics such as instrumental analysis, chemometrics, polymeres and organical chemistry. Besides the development of research skills, also professionals skills such as communication and professional collaboration will be part of the program.

The program consists of different modules; each module consists of one theme and results in 30 ec (the order of modules is chosen by student). Also cursists are able to complete a module. Each module contains mainly e-learning and each student will come to the institute one day each two weeks.

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