The Biotechnology programme trains people to be analysts in a professional field which is strongly focused on product development. The emphasis is on the link between knowledge of living organisms and technical applications for making products that people can use.

A biotechnologist often ends up working in laboratories that focus on research, production, quality control or diagnostics and conducts complex experiments there that help to find the answers to diverse questions. This can happen in laboratories in various areas, ranging from the food industry to laboratories dealing with forensic and agricultural questions.
In a research and development environment, the biotechnologist is involved in developing new products, organisms (including micro-organisms and plants), materials, methods and processes or improving existing ones. The BSc operates individually within a research team and is often responsible for a separate piece of research. The BSc can also be involved in or primarily responsible for managing and controlling some or all of a research or production process. All aspects of sustainability are always taken into account.