Leiden Centre for Applied Science

The Leiden Centre for Applied Bioscience (LCAB) is the research centre of the faculty Science & Technology (S&T) of the University of Applied Sciences Leiden. Applied research within the Applied Science Domain is performed by combining education, research and business. The LCAB consists the lectureships Genome-based Health, Metabolomics and Metagenomics; and the research units Bio-informatics and the Foodlab.

The lab facility of the LCAB consists of knowledge and equipment to perform research within the research program ‘Measure and detect, focused on biological systems’  within the theme of Biodiversity & Health.

The lectureships and research groups are working within the framework of this research program:

  • Lectureship Metagenomics: research on the use of metagenomic analysis to study biodiversity. This lectureship is a L.INT lectureship in collaboration with Naturalis Biodiversity Center.
  • Lectureship Genome-based Health: research on the use of genetic information for people to make the right health-decisions.
  • Lectureship Metabolomics: development and application of analytical chemical methods to detect metabolites.
  • The research unit Bio-informatics support the lectureships by analyzing their results.
  • The research unit Foodlab Leiden performs applied research on food, health, food improvement and food safety. They work with the technologies and in collaboration of the lectureships.

The technologies are used to analyse samples from different environments and organisms, for example from air, water, soil, humans, animals, plants and food. The research is connected to the education within Applied Science of the University of Applied Sciences Leiden and mboRijnland. New knowledge is obtained and shared in close collaboration with other research centres and companies.

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