The Applied Science Domain contains nine programmes of which eight programme profiles have been established nationally through cooperation within the domain. The other programme is only being offered at one university within the domain. In this case, the programme profile reflects the situation at this individual university.

National programme profiles

A national programme profile shows whether the programme provides training for a specific professional domain, what the minimum attainment target of each competence is in the domain profile and what level of knowledge and basic skills must form the basis of the subject of the programme (Body of Knowledge and Skills, BoKS). Each institution formalises this programme profile in the curriculum for the programme.

You can download the eight nationally agreed programme profiles below. Would you rather have all the programme profiles in one document? Download the full section of the profile description. Download the full section of the profile description

Individual programme profiles

The following programme profile belongs to a programme that is only being offered at one university within the domain

Environmental Science

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