DAS conducts ongoing strategic consultations with two top sectors, a number of industry organisations and professional associations to coordinate what is offered by Applied Science education and research to meet the demand from the professional field, thereby deploying the available resources effectively and efficiently.

Representatives from the professional field

Pascal van Barneveld
vacancy Topsector Life Sciences & Health
Anneke Geurts-Moespot Dutch Society of Biomedical Laboratory Professionals [NVML] / Professional field platform medical laboratory education
Leen van den Oever Netherlands Institute for Biology [NIBI]
Aarnoud Overkamp, president Assocation Innovative Medicines / Topsector LSH
Eric Schutjes Federation NRK
Onno de Vreede Topsector Chemistry / Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry [VNCI]

Representatives Domain Applied Science (DAS)

Rachelle van Haaften President DAS / Zuyd University of Applied Sciences)
Erik van Seventer Portfolio holder Professional Field / Avans University of Applied Sciences)
Lisette van der Beek Policy adviser DAS