Molecular Life Science

Students learn to plan and control short-term projects in this field. They take into account the aspects of science, practice and project management. They also develop an awareness of laws and regulations and of business development. After obtaining their Master of Science degree, graduates function as linking pin between analysts and senior project leaders, between different departments and between theory and practice. They contribute to the efficiency and effectivity of a diverse range of projects.

The programme is English spoken and can be followed as a full-time or part-time programme. The part-time programme is an excellent opportunity for the professional development of talented analyst with some experience. The full-time programme is suitable fort he high potentials among recently graduated Bachelors of Science who aim for a career in applied research or product development. They will combine the theoretical part of the programme with an internship in the professional field. This paid internship takes 2 years and comprises 70% of the total course load.

For the organisations that offer an internship the programme can contribute to talent recruitment and development, and for cost-efficiently executing projects.

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