Welcome to the Domain Applied Science

The Domain Applied Science (DAS) is the national association of all HBO departments that issue a Bachelor of Science degree in the Applied Sciences. The domain consists of fifteen institutes of higher education with nine different educational bachelor programs and two master programs with a total of over 11.000 students. Twenty eight lecturers provide applied research.



The domain aims at creating a coherent supply of high quality education and research that is matched with the needs of the working field. DAS is a partner of businesses, branch organisations, colleges of higher education and other organisations involved.


Intensive collaboration allows the domain to develop activities that go beyond the possibilities of the individual institutes. The focal points of this collaboration are: education, professional field, research and promotion of the various disciplines.

Information in English

Basic background information on the Domain Applied Science and the activities of the association can be found in English on this website. The more detailed information is in Dutch. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.